Apply Your Elvis Make-Up

How to Apply Your Elvis Makeup

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the tribute artists’ wigs and overall look and feel is, the Elvis make-up. Over the last year we have put together the ultimate ”ELVIS Make-up kit”.

How is our Elvis Make-up different from the rest?

Hiring the best Make-up Artists in the business today,  they helped us ensure the quality and selection would help to take your show to a new level.  We guarantee this kit can improve your tribute artist look dramatically. The video and accompanying written guide (see below) provide, a step by step approach ensuring great results every time.

Step-by-step instructions on using your Elvis makeup kit to create the ‘Elvis’ look

Ensure face is clean and moisturized prior to Elvis makeup application. Having a photograph nearby of the look you are trying to achieve will help you as well.

Please refer to the video below for a visual tutorial or visit our videos page. You can also see more videos on our YouTube channel.

  1. Corrector stick Melon #1 with brush C170-6, use to cover, conceal or to tone down imperfections on the skin such as broken capillaries and violet blemishes, birthmarks, etc.
  2. Use sponge to apply high lights from the Wet & Dry Make-up Foundation Palette to your forehead, cheeks and chin.  For support highlights you can use the eyeliner 04.
  3. Use the C418 Angle shadow brush to carefully create the shadows.  Add low-light around your temples and eyes in accordance to your own skin tone.  Use same brush and colour to narrow the nose as close as possible; refer to Elvis lines.  Use the same brush and start to narrow your jaw bone line.  Create further shading under your chin.
  4. Use eyeliner 03 – Espresso or 601 Black and apply a fine line right above the upper lid over lashes.  Do this for the other eye first, then, apply a fine line under your lower lashes for both eyes as well.
  5. Use the C159 liner/chisel fluff brush and with the sharper chisel part of the brush, make the corrections of the shape/shade of your eyebrows from the Eye Shadow Palette.
  6. Take the C159 liner/chisel fluff brush; using the fluff part of the brush, apply the appropriate shadows on your upper eye lids from Eye Shadows Palette. Always start with lighter tones out from palette.
  7. Take the Big chisel Angel brush and apply the Wet & Dry Make-up Foundation and blend all under and over tones.
  8. Take the mascara and apply the first layer carefully on your upper eye lid lashes.  Let first layer dry for approximately 3 to 5 minutes.  Then apply mascara on lower eye lid lashes. You can also use the C155 Brow Lash groomer to touch up the eye brows and comb through the lashes.
  9. Using the Big chisel Angel brush, gently apply a pink/red shade from the Eye shadows Palette to the cheek area.
  10. Use 56 Taffy or 50 Canyon lip liner to create the shape/color tone of your own lips in accordance to the Elvis shape/color tones and lines you are trying to achieve. If you have smaller lips you should make them fuller with the liner and colour supplied.
  11. The last step is taking the Big chisel Angel brush and applying the Loose powder honey beige or ochre to tone down any shine out from your Elvis makeup.

How to clean lace from make-up build up

Lay the wig on top of a paper towel atop a mannequin head or a rolled up towel or something.

Take 99% alcohol a bunch of Q-tips dab the alcohol soaked Q-tip swab on top of the lace (apply generously and slowly) the alcohol will dissolve the make up overtime and it will run onto the paper towel.

This will take a while depending on how much make up there is Q-tips are quite small you can use something bigger if you can find it it’s just hard to get it into the jar but I guess you can pour it in a bowl and use maybe one of those on paint sponges.

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