Make-Up Kit

The complete list of items for the Elvis Makeup Kit

We have put together the ultimate Makeup Kit.

Why did we do this?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the tribute artists’ wigs and overall look and feel is, the Elvis makeup. Hiring the best Make-up Artists in the business today, they helped us ensure the quality and selection would help to take your show to a new level. We guarantee this kit can improve your tribute artist look dramatically. The video and accompanying written guide provide, a step by step approach ensuring great results every time.

  1. Wet & Dry Foundation – colour #s 251, 201, 250, 203, 253 and 302.
  2. 5 Well Eyeshawdow Palette – colour #s 7033 (Coyote), 7033, 7241 (Latte), 7584 (Extreme Shadow – Applejack) and 7025
  3. Highlight CS Lot #003
  4. Pencil Liners: Lip liner nude P-13; White K-36; 03 espresso and black noir
  5. HD loose powder #LP 650
  6. Brushes:  C150
  7. -10; J11; C150; J707-3/4
  8. Brush to comb out lashes
  9. Wet & Dry Palette
  10. Mascara
  11. CS peach Lot #8170
  12. Plastic case

Only $225

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